I believe one of the greatest gifts of my life is rooted in being a child of Cranberry Island. My mom and her sisters were raised on the Island, My grandfather was a boat builder there, my grandmother made the best homemade donuts around and my dad is still a lobsterman 50 years after pulling his first traps from those icy waters. Living on an Island is a unique way of life that leaves an indelible mark on one’s soul. The challenge of isolation and elements gives way to the gifts of hearty resilience, resourceful spirit and creative inspiration. I saw the ladies of the island share the tradition of handwork, knitting and sewing at the Whales Rib gift shop and the annual Ladies Aid fair. My passion for being a designer is in no small way related to being an Island girl. I am involved in a lifelong love affair with that tradition of handwork, fabric and sewing combined with an incurable desire to draw, paint and create.

As a designer, my goal is to collaborate with manufacturers to provide versatile designs which can be readily modified in scale and color to suit specific product designs, market trends and ultimately be highly profitable in the marketplace.

I am fortunate to be healthy, happy, energetic and to live in an area that provides constant inspiration for my primarily nature themed designs.

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