Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home

paintbrushFor a while now, I’ve been trying to find the right product to feature a Downeast or Coastal Maine themed collection. I would love to communicate the rich heritage, tradition and unique beauty of Maine through this art I create for products.cove

Yes, there are products with lobster, lighthouses and blueberries, but there are icons that touch a deeper place. What are the images that tell the story salty scented air, crooked pines on jagged cliffs and mossy paths to forgotten harbors. There is a story of a life that is at the same time more simple and more severe. There is a story of familiar comforts for the locals and treasured reprieves that keep the visitors coming back.

I got some great feedback on facebook when I asked, “What icons make you feel at home”
Here’s what they had to say followed by a few quick pics that mean Coastal Maine to me. Clearly- Summer is my season
word scramble
blue mussels
boat houses
Queen Annes

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