For The Love of Vintage

For The Love of Vintage

Vintage sewing patterns are back!

I made you another Pinterest board!

When ever I go to Pinterest, my feed is loaded with vintage sewing patterns. I like them because they strike an emotional chord with me. Often, I will see a pattern that is so familiar I am quite sure my mom had it in her collection. So, I made a board of some of the patterns that look particularly familiar and remind me of the days and nights my mom would sit at her sewing machine creating a fashionable dress, blouse or skirt.

vintage pattern 1vintage pattern 2vintage pattern 3
vintage pattern 4vintage pattern 5vintage pattern 6

Like me, she wasn't much of a quilter. But being the entrepreneurial spirit she was, she did make a load of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls which she sold at a local gift store. She couldn't find a basic red and white stripe for the legs so she added a little patriotic flair to Ann. She could always make due with what was available. I happened to be the lucky recipient of one of these treasured dolls. I still have her and the pattern she used to make them.Raggedy Ann

These are the most treasured memories-watching her completely in her element, crafting something wonderful. This is a photo of her in her New's Year's Eve gown some time in the early 70's. She worked on this velvety dress right down to the wire and she didn't eat much for days fearing that it wouldn't fit. But it fit her slim figure perfectly. I was sure she would be the most stunning lady at the

She also made dresses for my sisters and me. Here we all are in our lovely calico cotton skirts and puffy blouses. I remember the waist was really tight-some things never change. It's hard to see the details of the garments but I sistersthink our delight in wearing matching dresses is still clear.

new look 6302
newlook 6302 2
burda 7056
burda pattern 7056I still love the tailored looks from vintage 60's patterns. And lots of other people must too because Butterick, McCalls, Vogue and Burda have vintage/retro/boho patterns.

I hope these images spark a little inspiration in you to do some sewing. Go rummaging through your moms old patterns and reinvent an old classic or go buy a new vintage inspired pattern. Maybe you want to start with a simple A-line skirt-Pinterest has thousands of ideas for you-just make a start!

5 thoughts on “For The Love of Vintage”

  1. Nice, Leslie! This morning I called the So. Portland shop that tunes up Singer machines so I can get mine going again. Then I found your post! I want to hem Celine’s amazing new pageant ball gown…satin with tulle layers over it. …CB

  2. Leslie, I loved your post! I’ve been trying to find a classic shift pattern. Would you mind telling me what patterns were used for the two shifts you show that are on hangers? I would like to find those patterns. The dresses are darling!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. The patterns are pictured next to the dresses on the hangers. The blue dress is New Look #6302 and the aqua dress is Burda 7056. I altered the Burda pattern to make their welt into a full pocket. Have fun!

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