Learn To Sew!

Learn to Sew!

I want to encourage you to learn to sew. When I ask, “do you sew” the usual response is , “oh, hahaha, my mom bought me a machine, but it is still in the box”. This is not OK. If that was the intention of the lovely woman that raised you, she would have bought you a box.

Excuse #1: “I’m afraid I’ll sew my fingers together” It is virtually impossible to stab even 1 finger with the needle unless of course, you are drunk and blind folded. Just watch what you are doing. If you have any reflexes at all, you’ll be fine.

Excuse #2: “I don’t have the space” Your dining room table has been collecting junk mail and catalogs that you will never read for long enough. Throw them away and make room to create something beautiful. Your family can eat pizza on the couch for a couple of nights.

Excuse #3: “I don’t have time” We all make time for whatever we deem a priority. Make creativity, personal growth, learning something new a priority today. Your inner artist will thank you.

Excuse #4: “I don’t even know how to put thread in it” First of all, it’s called “threading the machine” not “putting thread in it”. Watch this video, it even shows you how to wind a bobbin! You can do it!

Excuse #5: “I don’t even know where to start” This is a biggie. I created a Pinterest board for you. No zipper, no binding, no buttonholes, no curves, no lining, no problem! There’s even a very simple starter quilt on there.

Pick a fun project and learn to sew. Go to your local fabric store and buy a little fabric that makes your toes tingle. Watch a couple more videos. Try it! That should get you hooked.

I resolved to learn to sew in home-ec class. It was a mandatory 6th grade class! I will always be grateful to Mrs. Norberg and my mom for teaching me this skill. I let it go for quite a while as a busy adult, but rediscovered the passion as a cure for a deep creative slump. I visited my local stores, Portsmouth Fabric Company, Seacoast Sewing Center, Quilt N Fabric, On Board Fabrics and Knight’s Quilt Shopand was immediately hooked by the beautiful work of designers
Amy Butler and Kate Spain. I didn’t even know what I would make when I bought a couple of yards of these colorful, captivating fabrics.

It was the discovery of these contemporary prints that inspired me to start designing my own fabrics and the rest is a work in progress. My guiding principle when I design fabric is to develop patterns which inspire the imagination of others.

Learn to sew with Kate Spain Floral Rhapsody Learn to sew with Kate Spain Trade WindsLearn to sew with Amy Butler Meadow BlossomsLearn to sew with Amy Butler Garden Fete

Next step for you? Buy a pattern and learn how to follow it. There is a lot of information in a pattern packet including sizing, the amount of fabric you’ll need, how to lay it out on the fabric and all sorts of sewing conventions. If you feel ready to take this leap, there are lots of EZ patterns designed for beginners. Take some time to read over all of the instructions and you will learn so many fundamental skills while you learn to sew. If something looks mystifying, look it up on YouTube. Feel free to email me or comment with questions. I will do my best to point you in the right direction and get you started on your newfound passion for sewing.

Here’s a sweet little dress I made today from Butterick pattern #5876 for my niece Maddie. It is made from fabric I designed for Clothworks from the Stonewall Bloom and Unity collections.


IMG_0879 copy

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