Loving Etsy

Loving Etsy

I’ve fallen in love with Etsy!

I’ve been planning a summer party for my sweet niece who is getting married in our beautiful town of York, Maine. I started by pinning ideas on my Summer Party board on Pinterest and it occurred to me that I could find some of the decorations I loved on Etsy. Boy did I score! Paper lanterns, tissue paper flowers, confetti and table top decorations of all sorts!

Tissue Paper Flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers

Paper party lanterns
Paper Lanterns

Etsy confetti anchors
Tiny Confetti Anchors

Cupcake wrappers
Cupcake Wrappers

wooden hearts
Wooden I Do Confetti

Paper Party Straws
Paper Straws

Then I got this notion that I could sell on Etsy. I have been creating these cards with motivational and inspirational phrases on them for friends. I use designs I have developed over the years in my surface pattern business. The messages are meant to be somewhat generic so the recipient can apply the message to whatever may be going on in life. Many of them are affirmations or words of encouragement. My sons girlfriend encouraged me to start posting them on an Instagram account, so I set up Pics_of_Encouragement.

Pics of encouragement Banner

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