These photos are taken with my mobile device when I am on the go-so don’t be too judgy 🙂 Likewise, if a photo in this post inspires you-use it.

We often talk about Spring as a time of rebirth, but lately I’m relating more to the word reinvention; a return to a vibrancy which is already born and living, just needing the nourishment to grow.

I see the desire for reinvention all around me and in me. In my circle, we are moms with nearly grown children who now need us in different ways. They no longer need (or want) to rely on us to navigate daily life. And we no longer feel the fulfillment of the day to day work (though often unrewarded) which we knew in our hearts kept the family wheels in motion.

Now what. How to reinvent a life? I think the key here is seeing that the word is re-invent, not invent. We were born with our passions, talents and gifts already nested in our souls. Our defining characteristics were obvious to the grownups around us. They saw the “writing on the wall” and knew we were destined to be an artist, or an argumentative lawyer or a lego inspired engineer, comedian, athlete, performer, teacher or caregiver. As children we focused on our passions and brought them out in play. I think we need to bring her out to play again.IMG_0092

Four years ago to the day, I began my journey of reinvention. For me, it started with the seemingly impossible decision to stop drinking. It wasn’t relaxing, motivating or inpiring me. It was slowing me down and getting in the way of reaching my potential. As my roots began to take hold, I started looking backward.IMG_4354 I tried to recall the thread that stitched together all of the most memorable, accomplished, exciting, rewarding and fun moments of my life. I started doing things I loved to do when I was little and free of commitment. I came to believe that taking one positive step would reveal the next right thing. I tapped into the courage I remembered feeling when I decided to ride my bike without the training wheels.

Remember being scared as hell, but having the determination to do it anyway?

I forced myself to take those kind of risks again and know that I would be OK-no matter how it turned out.

It is still early Spring in the seasons of my reinvention, but I’m a long way from those cold, dreary days of Winters past.



6 thoughts on “Reinvention”

  1. OMG! These photos are STUNNING! Thank you for sharing the link to your blog! If you don’t, you should license these too!! …Feeling dumb… is there a way for me to follow your blog? Sign up for email when new post show up?

  2. Leslie, these photo’s are exquisite and perfect inspiration for new designs I think:) you are beautiful and I’m so blessed to watch your designs grow with your four years. Seems you have a gift at writing too. Us moms can’t be afraid to jump again and rediscover the art of play
    Thank uou so much for this 🙂

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