Simple Seasonal Decorating

Simple Seasonal Decorating

I planned to write a post about simple seasonal decorating and the natural decorations fall provides to us, but before I could get all the berries picked and acorns collected, Mother Nature blanketed my concept with a fresh decoration of her own.

Fortunately, this prompted me to turn to Pinterest to fill in the to view on Pinterest

I found a number of great new ideas for simple seasonal decorating and was reminded of some nature accents that have warmed my home and filled the bellies of our devoted wildlife (yes, mostly squirrels).

click to view on Pinterest I discovered this elegant place card idea in Martha Stewart Living magazine years ago. In my humble opinion, I improved on Martha’s concept (is that even possible) by spray painting it gold.

Click to view on Pinterest

I am a long time fan of Martha Stewart, (especially since she bought a property on Mount Desert Island where I grew up). Martha never fails to deliver. The website is full of original, simple delights that you can make on your own for short money. My son is going to make these adorable place holders for our Christmas dinner table.Click to view on websiteClick to view on Pinterest

Botanical ice sculptures are a little more finicky. I try to get it right every year for our annual Swedish Tomte party. Before freezing, I put a bottle of Aquavit in the center. If you are inclined to drink this (nasty) Viking elixir, it’s best ice-cold.

Here are a few samples of the warmth and simplicity of nature’s decor in my humble little home. Check out the Simple Seasonal Decorating Board with all of these pictures and more.Enjoy the season!

simple seasonal decorating 1

simple seasonal decorating 2

simple seasonal decorating 3

simple seasonal decorating 4

simple seasonal decorating 5

simple seasonal decorating 6

simple seasonal decorating 7

simple seasonal decorating 8

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  1. Thank you my wonderfully talented friend…your home is always so warm and beautifully decorated. Love the natural elements here!

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